Back pain or kidney stones ? How to recognize

Kidney stones can normally be treated without surgery. Removing kidney stones can be as easy as reading a few tips to cleanse your kidney.

Back pain or kidney stones ? How to recognizeBack pain a result of kidney stones is a singular sort of discomfort caused by very small stones blocking the stream of urine amongst the kidney as well as the bladder. You are able to figure out the primary difference by the kind of discomfort felt. Back pain due to another condition tends to cause muscle aches and soreness in the spine or muscle tissue. Back pain from kidney stones, however, comes in cycles and is described as very intense pain that begins on the right or left side. Kidney stone pain often moves from the original location to the lower abdomen and may even be felt, at times, in the groin area as a stone moves about inside the ureter.

A person who has kidney stones may also have fever, vomiting, nausea, and bloody urination, in others they may also have spasms in the back and abdominals.. It is not uncommon for individuals with kidney stone pain to also have symptoms of a urinary tract infection.

Back pain or kidney stones ? How to recognizeThe doctor will do a urinalysis and an x-ray to determine the size of the stone and if it can be passed in the urination. If it is too large it can be removed using surgery or by medications. The pain should decrease when the stones are removed.

Pain that is relieved by topical pain medications, heat treatments, or massage is not caused by kidney stones. The unique type of kidney pain caused by stones cannot be relieved as easily. In fact, a person experiencing back pain from kidney stones will often find it difficult to be still and will be compelled to constant movement because of the pain.

Back pain due to muscle injury or spinal injury, on the other hand, causes a person to react differently, as physical movement tends to cause the discomfort to intensify.

Back pain due to kidney stones is not a constant pain, it is a sudden sharp pain that produces severe cramps, is described as an attack of pain due to its sudden onset while the back pain is less compared to pain Of kidney.